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Passive analog digital remote for studio monitor controlling .


PADR33 Is a studio system for routing and controlling multi-functional volume that comes from Isaac Audio in the Negev,

It sets new standards when it comes to practicality and flexibility, with uncompromising sound quality.

PADR33 - Passive Volume Control
PADR33 - Passive Volume Control
PADR33 - Passive Volume Control



Offers important solutions:

passive 128 steps volume control digital remote unit for audio monitoring

3 stereo inputs 

3 stereo outputs sets.

Programmable dimming,



build in talkback unit with phantom power protection circuit.

Option to control Dim or mute with the talkback option. 

Talkback Pedal control optional input

Sum 2 or 3 stereo sources to 1 stereo output.

Screen indicator.

full recall on startup 

The PADR33 is an  audio analog passive differential traces paths that based on high end relays binary R2R net for 128 db steps signal leveling and dimming.

A volume controller is an essential element that sits on the main signal path in the studio.

It must be transparent and transmit a pure signal to the speakers and at the same time provide important control capability like mono listening, attenuation, source routing, talkback in front of an artist.

All of these are offered in PADR33.

Dudi Levy

Dudi Levy on the PADR33 ;

“The device is sitting in my studio for a few months and I use it with great pleasure, my system has an ATC45 plus two subwoofers on each side. Witch

means the resolution of the system is very very high, after we installed the PADR33 the resolution felt and sounded like an atomic binoculars right away , it was great! Punch and power, beautiful thing to have”.

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